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Tax Deductions for Refinancing or New Home Purchase – The rules are different if you refinance. The points you pay to refinance a loan must be spread over the life of the loan. For example, if you refinance with a thirty-year mortgage loan, you can deduct only one-thirtieth of the total points each year.

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Divorce And Your Mortgage: Here's What To Know | Bankrate – Refinancing the mortgage. However, that person becomes fully responsible for the loan if you fail to make payments. If you‘ll receive alimony or spousal support, you can use that income to qualify for a refinance – as long as your divorce settlement stipulates that you’ll receive alimony for at least three years, Runnels says.

A VA Streamline (IRRRL) after a Death, Divorce, or Re-Marriage – When borrowers change due to a life event, a VA streamline refinance (irrrl) can be tricky.. VA Streamlines After a Death, Divorce, Marriage. Posted on: April 1, 2017. VA Streamline Refinance after a Death, Divorce, or Marriage. Photo courtesy DVIDShub.

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How to Refinance a Car After a Divorce | Sapling.com – Get Permission. Sometimes that occurs through the divorce proceedings and is agreed to as part of the settlement or decreed by the court. If that’s not the case, you’ll need your spouse to agree in writing that he approves the refinance and abandons his claim to the property.

RECONCILIATION AND MID-MARRIAGE AGREEMENT. – Page -3-married, he shall maintain Wife as the sole beneficiary of the Prudential life insurance policy which is set forth in Exhibit "A" and he shall pay all premium payments promptly when due and

FHA Streamline Refinancing Rules for Adding. – FHA.com – If a borrower is getting a divorce, for example, refinancing the property under a single person’s name (removing the spouse) would make sense.. "Individuals may be added to the title on a streamline refinance without a credit worthiness review, and triggering the due-on-sale clause."

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Avoiding Refinancing Costs After Divorce – The New York Times – DIVORCED homeowners wrangling with the task of removing a former spouse's name from the mortgage after buying out his or her equity.

Avoiding Refinancing Costs After Divorce – The New York Times – Avoiding Refinancing Costs After Divorce. You simply ask your lender to remove the former spouse’s name, leaving the loan note in your name only. The problem is that not all lenders or mortgage servicers offer this option, known as release of liability. The lenders and servicers that do will most likely run a separate credit check on you – requiring,

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